I have filled out an application form. What happens from here?

An Fora team member will review the application once submitted. If the application is missing information or we need to clarify the information provided, we will contact you.

Once we finalise the application, a de-identified profile will be created and will be ready to be viewed by allied health assistants in your area on the Fora team. If the allied health assistant feels they are suitable and have matching availability, they will apply to work with you and you will receive an email/text notification from us. You will be able to have a complimentary one hour meet and greet with the allied health assistant if you feel like they may be suitable.

The wait time is generally 4 to 6 weeks depending on location, availability provided and suitability. We may be able to match you with a suitable allied health assistant faster if there is more availability provided. However, we cannot guarantee a match.

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