Meet and Greet

  • Yes, allied health assistants must log their meet and greets. All sessions with your client (in-person, telehealth, meet and greet, allied health professional handovers, etc.) need to be logged for progress tracking and insurance purposes. 

  • The Meet and Greet is an opportunity for the client and their family to get to know the allied health assistant and vice versa. It is uncharged and unpaid. You can read more about the Meet & Greet in the meet and greet guide This initial meeting is an opportunity to: Interact, engage and build rapport [...]

  • Before the meet and greet, please read the meet and greet guide to prepare for the discussion. You can use this guide as a checklist of discussion points during the meeting to ensure you do not forget the range of topics to discuss. Also, ensure you do the following: Re-visit the client notification that was [...]

  • After the meeting, we will contact you to see how you felt about the client or client’s family and if you feel comfortable continuing. Likewise, we will contact the client and/or their family separately. If you both decide to proceed, Fora will send you an email about the next steps; organising a Team Meeting with [...]

  • No, allied health assistants are not paid for a meet and greet.  The initial session is a 30-minute to 1-hour, uncharged and unpaid meeting with the client and/or the client's family. Think of this session as a two-way interview. If you ran a business, you probably wouldn't hire someone without ever having met them in [...]