Applying to work with Clients

  • We encourage our allied health assistants to apply for 1 to 2 clients at first and get into a steady rhythm of working with them before taking on any more clients. Please only apply to work with a client if you think you can commit to working with them for at least 6 months. Some [...]

  • If you see a potential client you would like to work with appear on your dashboard: Click on the client and follow the instructions to submit your availability and any other details. If you are having challenges applying via your allied health assistant account, please email us via

  • Congrats on being verified! You can now start applying to work with clients. How do I find clients to work with? At any time you can view potential clients by visiting your dashboard. View their de-identified profile and follow the prompts to add your availability and submit your application. You will also receive weekly email notifications for [...]

  • How many clients you work with is entirely up to you. Some clients may require you to work just 1 hour a week, while others may request 5-8 hours a week. This will impact how many clients you can fit into your schedule. We emphasise that you only select or offer to work with clients [...]

  • We emphasise that you only select or offer to work with clients that you believe you can work with for at least 6 months. We understand with university and other commitments, it is hard to predict timetables and schedules more than a few weeks or months away. However, we ask that you please keep in [...]

  • We match you with clients based on: : Your availability Your location Potential changes to your schedule such as moving house, going on full-time placement or going overseas The experience listed in your Fora profile Whether you are able to transport clients (requires unrestricted Australian Driver’s Licence) If you aren’t getting client notifications, the most [...]

  • If you applied via a client notification on your Fora dashboard, the client receives an email and text notification about your application. They are given around 5 days to make a decision to proceed to a meet-and-greet with you or not. If you do not receive an email within a week of applying to work [...]

  • Before you submit your application, you are able to view what the client will see and make any changes. It’s good to keep in mind that your profile and availability are the only information they are provided with initially to make the decision to organise a meet and greet with you. We strongly suggest that [...]

  • When you submit your application to work with a client, you provide some times for when you'll be available for a Meet & Greet. A client is notified that you've submitted an application to work with them and is provided your list of available times. If a client is interested in working with you, they [...]