FAQs by external Allied Health Professionals about working with AHAs

  • All allied health assistants will be required to write a field note after each session. These can be forwarded to the Allied Health Professional with permission from the client/primary carer. In the near future, we'll be launching new features within the online portal that will allow clients and allied health professionals to access and review [...]

  • Yes, phone or video call meetings are acceptable if a virtual Team Meeting is more appropriate Video sessions can be conducted via Zoom or your preferred software, i.e. FaceTime, WhatsApp, Hangouts, etc. If you would like assistance setting up an online Team Meeting, let us know at info@foratherapy.com

  • If the allied health professional feels the allied health assistant does not have the experience, skills or knowledge to implement a client's therapy plan, the following steps can occur: If it's within the client's budget, the allied health professional can provide further training to the allied health assistant to support them with the implementation of [...]

  • All the allied health assistants working for Fora are directly employed by Fora Pty Ltd. This allows us to ensure our allied health assistants are covered by the appropriate insurances, and are entitled to fair wages and benefits. We do not hire independent contractors.

  • Fora is accountable for the actions of our allied health assistants. External Allied Health Professionals are not accountable for the actions of our allied health assistants. The only thing Allied Health Professionals need to consider when identifying tasks suitable for an allied health assistant is whether the task is suitable. You can find more information [...]

  • Fora provides comprehensive insurance cover for our allied health assistants. Every allied health assistant is covered by Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and Worker's Compensation insurance.

  • Similar to an AHPs normal client billing process, AHPs bill the client for any of their time spent planning and working with the client's AHA. Clients and their families have been made aware (via the Fora Terms of Use) that by using an allied health assistant, they may incur extra costs from their AHP. An [...]

  • Billing between the client and the allied health assistant is organised separately to the billing for an external AHP. For every session between the allied health assistant and client, a session is logged via Fora. This session will be invoiced to the client on a fortnightly basis. Allied health assistant billable hours may include: Regular sessions [...]

  • Usually we see that a 10-15 minute, monthly phone call is sufficient for most clients. Depending on the client's needs, it can be important for therapy assistants to have a regular check-in with their client's allied health professional to ensure that the all parties are on the same page about the therapy goals and the [...]