Sign up process

  • Your profile is visible to the Fora Team and clients you have applied to work with. It’s good to keep in mind that your profile is the only information prospective clients are provided with initially. This means the information you provide helps clients make a decision on whether or not to organise a Meet & [...]

  • Create a Fora account: Complete your profile before the interview which includes the following info Name Contact details Field of study Relevant experience through paid work, volunteer, placement Book an interview with us. Please note that all online modules and check applications are only required after you have passed the interview.

  • During your interview we discuss: Your experience Your availability Where you want your career to take you Your understanding of the role of an allied health assistant Your understanding of the allied health assistant Guidebook and these FAQs This helps us to understand you and your readiness to begin working with vulnerable people. Your references [...]

  • After the interview you will be notified whether or not we think you are appropriate to work as an allied health assistant. If the answer is yes, you'll be invited to finalise verification. This involves: Submitting identification documents (to allow us to complete a 100 point identification check) Passport or other primary identification document Drivers [...]

  • After passing the interview, the Fora team will need to verify your documents and conduct checks. Once positive results come back, you will receive a welcome email from us. When you become part of our allied health assistant team, you will be email alerted to opportunities within a 20-minute drive from your location via your [...]

  • We aim to complete the verification process within 24 to 48 hours. This is largely affected by the completeness of the documents you submit and how quickly your referees get back to us.