Allied Health Services to help you reach your therapy goals.

Fora Therapy is a NDIS provider with a community of Allied Health Assistants all over Australia, and an in-house team of Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, and Physiotherapists.

We make it easy to build and manage teams of therapists and Allied Health Assistants, so you can maximise your NDIS budget and reach your therapy goals faster

Get more therapy, without raising your budget.

Based on therapy hours for an average NDIS plan.

*Estimate includes Allied Health Professional (AHP)
travel, note writing and any other extra fees.

Learn more about our prices
Learn more about our prices

Build your allied health team

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  2. Choose your AHA or AHP
  3. Connect your team members
  4. Commence sessions

Meet some of Fora’s Allied Health Assistants

Allied health assistants are allied health students, holders of a certificate III or IV in allied health assistance, or allied health graduates. They help clients implement the therapy plan their speech pathologist, physiotherapist, or occupational therapist has created for them.

Patrice (Masters of Occupational Therapy) — I’m currently working with two siblings to self regulate their emotions. We also work on their communication skills and helping them tie up their shoe laces, fix their hair, and use cutlery unaided.

Jeffery (Doctor of Physiotherapy) — I am currently working with an elderly man every week at an aged care facility. Together we work on his exercise program.

Rochelle (Masters of Speech Pathology) — I currently work with a young girl to support her social skills. With guidance from her speech pathologist, we work on applying those skills into the girl’s social setting.

Meet some of Fora’s Allied Health Professionals

Our team of NDIS-Registered Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, and Physiotherapists can work with you to develop and implement therapy plans, maximise your budget, and create a collaborative therapy environment where families, therapists, and Allied Health Assistants are all active and engaged participants in the therapy process.

Claire (Speech Pathologist) — I work with families and allied health teams to create spaces where people with communication needs can work to express themselves and be understood by others.

Bec (Speech Pathologist) — I love working with kids in early intervention and school-aged too, helping them develop skills that impact their everyday functioning.

Nicolette (Speech Pathologist) — I enjoy working with kids, helping them and their families achieve their communication goals. Speech Pathology isn’t just about helping clients, but about creating fun and enjoyable sessions.

Allied Health Services to help you reach your therapy goals