Resigning or Going on Placement

  • Yes please! Please be as open and transparent with your client’s family with any upcoming placements or holidays. This will give the family time to decide whether they would like a temporary allied health assistant during your time away to continue and maintain the client’s progress.

  • There may be situations where you will need to cease working with a client due to issues such as availability, the first step would be to let us know, then you can send an email to the client or their family to let them know formally as well as give them a call to explain. [...]

  • The main thing is to be fully transparent and professional with your client at all times. If you believe there will be a potential change or there is an unexpected change in your schedule, please let the client and Fora know as soon as possible. This allows the client to prepare for a change in [...]

  • Please email or call 1800 921 422 to let us know. We would love to hear what your next steps are in your journey! If you are currently working with clients, please inform the families of your final session date. We will get in contact with them as well to find them another allied [...]

  • After you get in contact with your clients to let them know that you need to halt sessions, we will contact them to confirm their goals and availability, from there we will be able to begin the matching process again so that allied health assistants can apply to work with them.

  • Please email or call 1800 921 422 to discuss this further. We would like to hear your thoughts and feedback about why you want to cease working with the client to improve the experience for you and other allied health assistants.

  • If you can give us as much notice as possible, that would be ideal! It may take weeks or months to find another allied health assistant for your current client. We aim to find an allied health assistant as soon as possible to ensure your client has continued therapy sessions before your final session.