What is a meet and greet?

The Meet and Greet is an opportunity for the client and their family to get to know the allied health assistant and vice versa. It is uncharged and unpaid.

You can read more about the Meet & Greet in the meet and greet guide

This initial meeting is an opportunity to:

  • Interact, engage and build rapport with each other
  • Discuss availability for ongoing sessions (especially long term planning, including upcoming holidays, exams or placements)
  • Discuss therapy goals for the client, the allied health assistant’s experience level and expectations during sessions

Families want to know that you are proactive, trustworthy and reliable.

At the end of the meet and greet, everyone should have enough information to know whether it’s a good personality and experience fit and whether they feel comfortable committing to working together.

Please note that a representative from Fora does not attend this meeting. Sometimes, the client’s AHP or support coordinator will be there.

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