What should I consider when applying to work with clients?

We encourage our allied health assistants to apply for 1 to 2 clients at first and get into a steady rhythm of working with them before taking on any more clients. Please only apply to work with a client if you think you can commit to working with them for at least 6 months.

Some things to think about before applying:

  • Placements (local and rural)
  • University holiday periods and travel plans
  • Exams and major assignments
  • Other jobs
  • Finishing your degree

If you are unsure about how long you’ll be able to work with a client but you would still like to work with them, we recommend being upfront and honest about your schedule from the beginning. When applying to work with a client, you can write a note to the client about your current schedule and how likely it is/ the timeframe in which your schedule might change.

For example: “I’m available anytime on Monday-Friday between 3-6pm from March until June as all my classes finish before 2 pm. However, as of July, I am unsure of what my university and placement schedule will be. If I am allocated to a placement, I will most likely only be able to work Monday-Thursday after 5 pm or on Fridays.”

This allows the client to make a well-informed decision before deciding to work with you and also prepare for a change in advance, i.e. they might start organising a replacement allied health assistant before you are expected to pause or cease working with them.

The most important thing is to be fully transparent with your client at all times.

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