Logging preparation time

Preparation time includes any extra work involved in preparing for your session. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Creating materials
  • Prepping for a session
  • Going to the shops to purchase products
  • Communicating with your client’s AHP

Preparation time can be noted when logging your assist.

It is imperative that you discuss any preparation time with your client before logging your assist so that the client is not surprised when receiving their bill. If your client has any issues with you adequately preparing for your session please call our support team on 1800 921 422 and they can discuss further with the client.

We do not expect AHAs to ever do unpaid work. Ever.

We encourage AHAs to communicate frequently and work closely with their client’s AHP and to log that time as preparation time so that they can be fairly compensated for their time.

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