How do I know when an allied health assistant would like to work with me?

There are 3 ways we notify you about your allied health assistant matches:

  • The Fora account creator receives an email notification when a allied health assistant applies to work with you.
  • The Fora account creator receives a text notification about your matches when these matches are about to expire.
  • The Fora account creator finds the matches on their Fora dashboard when there is an application.

It is important to check and respond to these messages as soon as possible. When allied health assistants apply, they provide their availability for a meet and greet for the next 6 days.

If you do not book a meet and greet within 6 days, the offer will expire, and we may not be able to match you with this allied health assistants. If your match has expired, but you’d still like to work with that allied health assistants, let us know! We can reach out to the therapy assistant to find out if they are still available. However, there is a chance they may no longer be available as they may have pursued work with other clients.

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