Team Meeting Guide FAQs

  • According to NDIS regulations, Fora's allied health assistants need to be linked with their clients' therapists on an ongoing basis. Your first therapy assistant session after the meet-and-greet should be a team meeting between you and the client’s AHP. You cannot work independently with the client until this handover occurs. From then on, at the [...]

  • Yes, therapy handovers are acceptable if participants feel that it is unsafe to conduct in-person sessions, and/or all parties agree. These sessions can be conducted via Google Hangouts or your preferred software, i.e. FaceTime, Zoom, etc. If you would like assistance setting up telehealth, please feel free to give us a call on 1800 921 [...]

  • We work with the client and their family to get you linked with their AHP. Once linked, a therapy handover from the client's AHP should provide you with a clear understanding of the client's current goals, the interventions prescribed and any strategies employed to get the most out of the client. This can occur in [...]

  • Yes, phone or video call meetings are acceptable if a virtual Team Meeting is more appropriate Video sessions can be conducted via Zoom or your preferred software, i.e. FaceTime, WhatsApp, Hangouts, etc. If you would like assistance setting up an online Team Meeting, let us know at

  • Once both you and your allied health assistant have decided to proceed, you can contact each other directly (via phone or email) to organise ongoing sessions. You will not be required to book sessions through Fora.

  • This is decided at the Team Meeting. Everybody has different needs, so the frequency of check-ins between an AHP and the therapy assistant will vary. We do recommend check-ins to occur every 4 to 6 weeks to ensure the allied health assistant is supported, guided and has the most up-to-date therapy plan on how to best [...]

  • Fora assumes all responsibility for the actions of our allied health assistants and provides all the necessary insurances (Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and WorkCover Insurance). Your Allied Health Professional (AHP) is not liable for the actions of Fora’s allied health assistants. Allied health assistants do not fall under the professional indemnity insurance of client's therapists, they [...]

  • A Team Meeting is an opportunity for your allied health assistant to be provided with a clear therapy plan and guidance on how to implement therapy interventions in a safe and effective manner. The allied health assistant can observe how the AHP conducts sessions and clarify anything in the plan that they are unsure about [...]