What is involved in a Team Meeting (also sometimes referred to as a therapy handover)?

We work with the client and their family to get you linked with their AHP. Once linked, a therapy handover from the client’s AHP should provide you with a clear understanding of the client’s current goals, the interventions prescribed and any strategies employed to get the most out of the client. This can occur in two ways:

Option 1: Ideally, you attend a session with the AHP and the client (in-person or video telehealth). If option 1 is difficult to coordinate due to timetable constraints, we try option 2.

Option 2: The client’s AHP provides you with a written therapy plan to read and you receive a phone handover from the client’s AHP to iterate and clarify everything in the therapy plan.

We aim to provide you with enough support to feel comfortable in your role and assist your client to achieve their goals. If something concerns you, or you feel unsupported or out of your depth, please contact a team member for a chat.

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