Who is responsible for the allied health assistant?

Fora assumes all responsibility for the actions of our allied health assistants and provides all the necessary insurances (Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and WorkCover Insurance).

Your Allied Health Professional (AHP) is not liable for the actions of Fora’s allied health assistants. Allied health assistants do not fall under the professional indemnity insurance of client’s therapists, they are covered by Fora. It is expected that tasks are delegated within the competency of the family or allied health assistant. This means we are responsible for everything an allied health assistant does as long as what the AHP delegated to them is within their competency

For example:

  • If the allied health assistant is following the AHPs plan and make a mistake or go out of scope, it’s under our liability.
  • If the AHP delegates something that is not appropriate for the person seeking support or the allied health assistant to do, and then it’s under the AHPs liability.

Fora will remove allied health assistants from any role/s where:

    • there is an unsafe work environment
    • they are not appropriately guided by an AHP

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