What if I don’t have much experience?

If you are in the earlier stages of your degree and do not have a lot of experience, you can still become an allied health assistant. In this case, we recommend you apply only to work with clients with low needs.

When working with a client with low needs, your role might be similar to that of a support worker. A support worker is somebody that helps an individual in their activities of daily life. These roles may require no input from allied health professionals and might be unrelated to your therapy domain.

They may involve tasks like:

  • Supporting somebody to attend social and community activities
  • Assisting with everyday activities such as grocery shopping, cooking a meal, completing homework or getting ready for school
  • Pick-up and drop-offs to school or therapy sessions, as some people do not have the capacity to independently take public transport

These roles are a great way to develop your experience in working with people with disabilities and may allow you to step into more therapy-based roles later in your studies.

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