What CAN an allied health assistant do?

An allied health assistant can:

  • Implement an allied health professional’s (AHPs) therapy strategies and programs in the client’s home or community. This includes instructing, encouraging, and assisting clients in performing therapy-related activities, as well as other daily living activities.
  • Interview a client at the Meet & Greet, receive and understand information about a client’s condition and healthcare history at the initial handover with the client’s AHP.
  • Help clients in using assistive technology or supportive devices if required.
  • Document sessions, progress and collect data via online timesheet and note-taking tool.
  • Relay the information provided by the client’s allied health professional to the clients and their carers; i.e. therapeutic regimens, general information, and promoting wellness and health maintenance.
  • Attend and observe a session between the client and the client’s allied health professional with permission from the client/client’s parent or guardian and AHP.
  • Maintain and monitor goal objectives as specified by the client’s allied health professional.
  • Contribute to an allied health professional’s effectiveness by identifying client care issues.
  • Maintain regular communication with the client’s allied health professional.

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