Logging travel time that occurs during a session

Allied Health Assistants can transport their client’s using their own vehicles if they have agreed to do so, and in these circumstances, a charge for travel will be incurred. This charge is the allied health assistants usual rate plus 85 cents per kilometre travelled to account for fuel and wear and tear on the therapy assistants vehicle.

If a client requests you use their personal vehicle during a shift we recommend asking if they have organised the appropriate car insurance before driving the vehicle.

Fora Therapy does not cover any damage that may occur to your vehicle, a client’s vehicle or any other vehicle that is used during a shift.

Allied Health Assistants that have nominated to provide transport must:

  • Agree to Fora Therapy’s terms of use
  • Hold a valid Australian Driver’s Licence
  • Hold minimum third-party insurance for their vehicle and has considered the need for Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance
  • Be able to verify their vehicles registration and insurance status upon request
  • Check that the vehicle is safe, clean and roadworthy
  • Request to see a copy of the vehicle registration
  • Request to see a Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance on the vehicle if using their client’s vehicle
  • Keep accurate records of the trips they have made using their own vehicle during a booking
  • Consider the need for a first aid kit to be kept in the vehicle
  • Discuss with their client any necessary precautions that need to be taken when driving you and/or the client (e.g. child-safe locks)

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