What are some ways that I could maximise my 1.5 hour session?

There are some benefits afforded by a 1.5 hour minimum for sessions with allied health assistants (AHAs).

If you’ve had difficulties in the past finding an AHA near you, and don’t believe your client would benefit from 1.5 full hours of therapy, you could use some of that time to contribute to travel time so that you can widen your search radius for an AHA.

Most AHAs we’ve spoken with ahead of these changes have also mentioned that they often spend time ahead of sessions preparing materials for sessions. Chat with your AHA to see if they are spending time outside of sessions preparing and see if you could support them by contributing to that time out of the 1.5 hour minimum session time.

If you don’t believe your client would benefit from one 1.5 hour session, you could experiment with breaking the session up into smaller sections with short breaks or other activities that are less intense like playing games, or working on homework.

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