Who will be my main point of contact?

Your point of contact will vary depending on what type of information you are seeking.

Here are the three main contacts in each therapy assistant and client relationship and what you would reach out to each of them for:

  1. Client or client’s main carer:
    1. Anything related to client and how you can build rapport
    2. Please note that at times a client’s carer may try to direct you on the type of therapy you implement, this is okay if it’s within the parameters set by the AHP. If it’s outside of this or has not yet been discussed, it’s best to double check with Fora before implementing something you’re unsure about.
  2. Client’s allied health professional
    1. Therapy plan and strategy related questions
    2. Progress or regression of client
  3. Fora
    1. Fora website, payments, insurance, feedback
    2. Anything else

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