How much do allied health assistants get paid?

For sessions less than 2 hours long the pay structure is as follows:

Day Minimum pay per session Minimum pay per session incl. superannuation
Weekdays $60.80 $67.18
Saturday $77.40 $85.52
Sunday $99.60 $110.05

For 1.5 hour sessions, note-writing time will now be included in the 2-hour minimum pay.

For sessions lasting 2-hours or more the pay structure is as follows:


Day Pay per hour Pay for note-writing Minimum pay per session
Weekdays $36.00 $5.70 $85.86
Saturday $49.00 $5.70 $114.59
Sunday $62.00 $5.70 $143.32
Public Holidays $65.00 $5.70 $149.95

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