What CAN’T an allied health assistant do?

It is crucial to recognise that an allied health assistant does not replace an allied health professional.

An allied health assistant MUST NOT:

  • Make an assessment, diagnosis or treatment plan for a client.
  • Modify a treatment plan in a way that has not been recommended by a therapist.
  • Verbally or in-writing make recommendations or suggestions about the treatment plan.
    • If therapy assistants are ever asked to write a report for the client, it must be strictly from a reflective and objective perspective.
    • I.e. therapy assistants can only make comments about their experiences and progress witnessed in the time working with the client. They must not include their opinions about what they think has or hasn’t been working, or what should be done next.
  • Share personal information about a client to any person outside the client’s therapy team.
    • All client information must be kept strictly confidential. This means de-identifying any information (not naming clients, their suburb, their place of work or school, their disability) when discussing work outside of Fora or with the client’s healthcare team. This includes any private discussion with friends or family or public discussions like in a hospital or university class.

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