Reimbursable costs for Allied Health Assistants

Reimbursable costs for Allied Health Assistants employed with Fora Therapy are session related costs that relate to the care being provided.

These can include, but are not limited to:

  • Any entry into activities (swimming pool, meausum, play centre etc.) 
  • public transport cost (travel during sessions), ie public transport training
  • any equipment purchased for the family 

As detailed in our Service Agreement, “If the client wishes to participate in an activity with a cost associated with it, we advise that they apply for a companion card available at This allows a companion free entry to selected activities when with the client. If a client needs a therapy assistant to visit a place like a swimming pool or a gym and does not have a companion card, the entry cost for the therapy assistant will be listed on the invoice. If you are using NDIS funding, please note that the NDIS does not cover entry costs and this will have to be paid for privately. Alternatively, you may wish to cover the costs at the time of entry so that they do not appear on your invoice.”

We generally suggest that the costs remain off the invoice and are covered privately (i.e. reimbursement should happen immediately after every session in cash or online bank transfer), as NDIS doesn’t cover funding for workers’ transport and additional activities.

For more information read our Allied Health Assistants Guide

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