Are AHPs paid for their time? How does billing work between the client and AHP?

Similar to an AHPs normal client billing process, AHPs bill the client for any of their time spent planning and working with the client’s AHA.

Clients and their families have been made aware (via the Fora Terms of Use) that by using an allied health assistant, they may incur extra costs from their AHP.

An AHPs billable hours in relation to working with an allied health assistant from Fora can be set at the AHP’s discretion.

To avoid any surprise costs to the client, Fora encourages the AHP and client to calculate, discuss and agree to the additional estimated expenses a client may incur from the AHP for working with an allied health assistant. A new Service Agreement may need to be drafted.

To give an indication of what this looks like, although each client is different, we usually see a 10-15 minute, monthly check-in between the AHP and AHA is sufficient to stay aligned on goals and progress.

For example, if the team has decided that 15-minute check-ins will be conducted between the AHA and AHP every month, then the AHP might add the cost of 12 x 15-minute sessions to their Service Agreement for that year.

It’s important to remember that therapy plans and the client’s requirements can change as the client progresses. The ‘estimated costs’ are just a starting indication; the costs may end up being more or less than initially estimated.

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