Occupational Therapy

Below are examples of tasks that can be delegated to our allied health assistants in occupational therapy.

  • Assisting with a client’s before school routines, including personal care, and independent dressing
  • Practicing fine motor skills, in particular handwriting and usage of cutlery
  • Monitoring a client’s activities to ensure they are performing them correctly
  • Setting up resources or assistive devices for a client (e.g. checklists, visual prompts, assistive equipment)
  • Practising specific, functional tasks (e.g. accessing shopping centres, managing household tasks, meal preparation, travel training)
  • Developing a resource list of community-based groups (e.g. exercise or social groups) requested by a client

See the Victorian Department of Health’s Supervision and delegation framework for allied health assistants for further examples.

Click for a case example of AHA in occupational therapy

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