Occupational Therapy at Fora

Fora is a NDIS-registered Occupational Therapy provider, with mobile clinicians located around Victoria. Our team of experienced Occupational Therapists provide a range of assessment and intervention services to paediatric, teenage, and adult clients. Select a suburb below to meet and apply to work with clinicians near you.
We currently offer Occupational Therapy sessions in these areas. Select a suburb to meet other clinicians on our Occupational Therapy team and apply for sessions

Cecilia is an amazing Occupational Therapist based in Brunswick on our team at Fora Therapy.

Our Approach to Therapy

We take a collaborative therapy approach, where families play an active role in reaching therapy goals.


Our therapists will spend time connecting with other therapists working with the client and people in their everyday life – be they at school, kinder or social programs. Collaboration gives our therapists insight into the unique context of the client and their family so that we can plan solutions that suit your needs best.

Through collaboration, we can share strategies and resources with everyone who interacts with the client. If the people around them are upskilled to actively support their development, they are more likely to succeed and be able to integrate skills learnt in therapy into their everyday life.


People receiving care spend 37x as much time with family as they do with therapists.


We know that the most influential people in a person’s development are the ones they spend the most time with – their families! That’s why we work with families to upskill them with strategies and tools they can use within everyday environments and activities to support development, all throughout the week. Families are involved in all stages of therapy delivery, from goal-setting and planning through to sessions and reviews.

Find out more about parent-led intervention here.

Your authentic self

We stand for the power of authenticity. 
This means enabling our clients to live their best lives by supporting them to be their authentic selves. Our aim is not to “fix” people or fit them into a norm or, but to help them achieve goals that are important to them and their families by addressing barriers. We seek to support clients and families to feel confident in their own unique set of strengths, abilities and areas for support.

Allied Health Assistants

We also work closely with Allied Health Assistants (AHAs), who can work alongside families and children to help address challenges. Our AHAs can spend longer with a family than a therapist, and can give the client extra support to embed new skills they are learning within their everyday environment.


Allied Health Professional Pricing

Speak to an Allied Health Professional for free, begin therapy when you find the right match.

90-Min Initial Session
Initial assessments enable therapists to determine strengths and areas of communication difficulty. From this, they can set up appropriate goals and design a therapy plan.

$291 total

45-Min Therapy Session
A therapy session where the therapist travels to your home and conducts therapy for 45 minutes. An extra charge of 15 minutes is added for note-writing at the end of every session. Longer sessions (i.e. 60 minutes of therapy) are also available.


We try to find a therapist that lives within 15 minutes drive from you. We’ll never charge more than 30 minutes of travel.

$3.55/minute of travel + $0.85/kilometre of travel

Reports are an important part of NDIS reviews and help others supporting you to understand therapy received and progress made.

$387.98 total
(i.e 2 hours at the standard rate)

Resource Creation
Therapists can make resources to ensure therapy is as effective as possible. We’ll only charge if it takes more than 15 minutes to make.

(typically 15 mins at the standard rate)

Communication & Meetings
It may be necessary to attend meetings with others supporting you in order to ensure therapy is as successful as possible.

(typically 15 mins at the standard rate)

Cancelled Sessions
If a session is cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled session, you will be charged the full amount for the session. If cancelled more than 48 hours before the session, you will not be charged.

(if within 48 hours’ notice)

Speech Pathology at Fora

Fora is a NDIS-registered Speech Pathology provider, with mobile clinicians located around Victoria and New South Wales. Our team of experienced Speech Pathologists provide a range of assessment and intervention services to paediatric, teenage, and adult clients. Select a suburb below to meet and apply to work with clinicians near you.